• What are the hygiene standards for transfers?

    For v-transfers we work with very experienced and professional transfer agencies worldwide. These agencies are responsible and conscientious in ensuring that the hygiene and clearance rules of the respective destination country are observed for their services.

    The following hygiene rules apply in most of our destinations: Tour guides and drivers are checked for their state of health, masks are worn and a minimum distance is maintained. Luggage may usually only be loaded and unloaded by the driver, who uses disposable gloves for this purpose. Within the bus, all passengers must wear masks. In addition, normally only guests from the same household are allowed to sit together, and care is taken to ensure multiple disinfection within the bus.

    We only act as intermediary for the transfer services. The local agency is responsible for the organization and implementation.

  • Is it possible to book only a one-way transfer?

    Of course! You can book a transfer to your destination, back from your destination or return.

  • Can I combine different types of transfers?

    Yes, that is possible. Select your desired transfer and we will show you the cost of your choice. Then, you can choose the type of transfer you prefer.

  • When do I have to have booked my transfer by?

    Please note, that the last possibility to book your transfer is between 96 -24 hours before your arrival/departure. It depends on the destination.

  • Who will organise the transfer upon my arrival at my destination?

    The transfer will be organised by our local partner. Exact information can be found on your transfer voucher.

  • Where will I be dropped off?

    Where possible our partners operate a door to door service. If access is restricted due to pedestrianised roads, local road closures or any other issues you will be collected/dropped off at the nearest accessible point.

  • How will I find out the pick-up time for my return transfer?

    Our local partner will decide on your pick-up time based on the departure time that we have given them. 24 hours before your departure you will receive information regarding the exact pick-up time in your hotel. In many of countries, v-transfers and our partners provide a hotline that you can use to receive the information regarding your transfer. For more details check your transfer voucher.

  • Which harbour transfers do we presently offer?

    At www.v-transfers.com you have the possibility to book a transfer from the airport to or from your cruise ship port and return, if you wish. Furthermore, many destinations offer the possibility of a transfer between cruise port and hotel.

  • How do I choose my booked cruise ship?

    Please select the desired transfer route in the 1st booking step (e.g. from Gran Canaria Airport to the port of Las Palmas). The cruise ship is specified in the 2nd booking step. There you have the possibility to select the desired ship from a list. If you are travelling with a private ship, please select "private yacht" as ship.

    If your cruise ship is not yet listed, please send us an e-mail to service@urlaubstransfers.de.

  • Does v-transfers offers discounts for children?

    In certain destinations, children under 12 receive a discount on their transfer. This discount is shown in your calculation. Please give the age of your children at the time of your return, so that you can take advantage of any discounts.

  • Child Safety Seat

    In certain destinations you have the possibility to reserve a child safety seat under the heading 'Extras', while booking your private transfer. If this service is not available, we recommend that you bring your own car seat. If you are travelling with a baby we recommend that you bring your own infant car seat.

  • I cannot find the transfer to my hotel on the list, what can I do?

    If the hotel to which you would like a transfer is not listed with us, please click on "The hotel you are looking for is not listed? Send us an e-mail".

    This will automatically open a ready-made e-mail through which you can send us your request. All you have to do is enter the name of the hotel you are looking for and the destination area and send the e-mail.

    Alternatively, you can also write directly to service@v-transfers.com. Please include the basic data for the desired transfer in your e-mail.

  • When and how will I receive my travel documents?

    Within 24 hours of your booking, you will receive an email with your confirmation/invoice and a transfer voucher. Please keep your transfer voucher safe with your other travel documents and be sure to take it with you on your trip. You will require it for your transfer. The top part of the Voucher is for your transfer to your destination and the bottom half is for your return transfer (if you have booked both transfers through us).

  • How can I receive my travel documents one more time?

    Please log in to our customer-login with your booking number and your email adress. In the customer-login-area, you have the possibility to print your documents again.

  • How much luggage may I bring?

    Each person is entitled to one piece of luggage and one piece of hand luggage of usual size. This is valid for all booked passengers including children under 12.

  • Do children have the right to bring luggage?

    Yes. Each child who is booked may bring a suitcase and a piece of hand luggage. Of course every booked child also has a reserved seat.

  • May I bring excess luggage?

    Yes, all booked adults can bring either one golf bag, scuba diving equipment or ski/snowboard equipment. The cost is already included in your transfer when you choose this while booking your transfer. The option for special luggage is not available for children under 12.

  • May I bring a second suitcase?

    If you wish to book a second suitcase for an adult, you will have to book this as a piece of special luggage. In this case, you may not bring another piece of special luggage (sport equipment). Each booked adult can bring a maximum of 2 pieces of luggage and one piece of hand luggage.

  • Can I rebook the transfer?

    If you wish to change the date of your transfer, this is possible, as long as it changes by up to +/- 3 days. To do so, please log in with your data in the customer login and change the data under the item "Change transfer details".

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the hotel or location; you would have to cancel the existing booking and make a new one.

  • Can I change or cancel my transfer?

    A cancellation is possible at any time. Please do this at the www.v-transfers.com Customer-login area. A change of the hotel or destination is not possible. Please cancel your transfer in this case and book a completely new one. You may put back or bring forward your transfer forward by a maximum of +/- 3 days.

  • What happens if my flight times change?

    Should your flight time change, you can change your transfer up to 48 hours before your departure. You can change your flight time by going to www.v-transfers.com / Customer-login area. Should your scheduled return flight change during your trip, please inform our local representative or change your flight times at the www.v-transfers.com / Customer-login area.

  • Will I receive new travel documents in this case?

    You can download and print the new documents at any time in the customer login under "Print documents".

  • How do I pay for my transfer?

    With us you can book and pay quickly and easily without payment fees.

    The following payment methods are available to you:

    • Credit card (VISA- or Mastercard) - currently not available

    Simple payment by VISA- or Mastercard. When paying by credit card, the amount is due upon conclusion of the contract and will be debited from the credit card indicated at that time.

Payment methods