What is a family transfer?

When you are travelling with a family, you have a lot to do and organise. Taking the whole family on holiday involves a lot of work and planning before you even reach the airport.
Plan ahead an book a family transfer from v-transfer.com! v-transfers offers shuttle-bus and private transfers for families.

Family transfer

Shuttle-bus or private transfer?

A family transfer in a shuttle-bus means that other passengers will be travelling with you and will be taken to their respective hotels. A private transfer guarantees that only you and your family will be taken by a car or minibus to your accomodation - no other passengers are travelling with you and there will be no stops at other hotels. A family transfer to your hotel in a ski resort is also possible, and for a small fee you can take bulky luggage such as snowboards or skis in addition to a suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per passenger. All you have to do is book your bulky luggage with your transfer. A family transfer has a lot of advantages that allow you to begin your holiday in a relaxing way: everything has already been taken care of and the transfer will be carried out by a reliable local partner of V-transfers and there are no hidden charges.

Trying to fit everyone’s luggage and toys into the car can be problematic, more complicated of course is trying to get your children and everyone’s luggage to the airport with public transportation. The result of the stress and hectic is a lot of bad moods and long faces, before you've even reached the check-in counter. When the carry-on luggage is stowed and everyone is fastened into their seats on the plane you can finally relax and think about the sun and the beach.

You can relax even more when you've planned ahead and booked a family transfer from v-transfers.com. It is reassuring to know that you will be picked-up at the airport and taken to your accommodations for a reasonable price. Relying on a taxi can often leave a big hole in your holiday budget. With your booked family transfer you are guaranteed enough space for the entire family and one suitcase and one piece of carry-on luggage per person. Even if you have forgotten to book a family transfer, you can book one up to four days before you leave on your trip.

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