A luxurious arrival in Dubai

The name Dubai is one that most people associate with an extra-luxurious vacation. Dubai is located in the Persian Gulf and is one of the Emirates of the United Arabian Emirates. When people talk about Dubai, they are usually referring to the city because three quarters of the population lives there and most aspects of daily life takes place there. A vacation in Dubai is definitely an extra-special experience.

Dubai - land of superlatives

Dubai - land of superlatives

Whether you want to go shopping, enjoy wellness retreatments or simply wish to admire what the city has to offer - the fascinating world of the Sheiks and the glittering malls impress every visitor. Most people arrive at Dubai International Airport which is located only a few kilometers from the city.

The majority of people are faced with one question when they arrive: How do I get to my hotel? Most of them want to go quickly to the hotel after their long flight. You do not want to take a shuttle transfer, wait for a long time or travel with taxi drivers who are unfamiliar with Dubai and do not understand you? Then why do not you decide for a limousine transfer?

Exclusive service

A limousine transfer is one of the uncomplicated and reliable services from v-transfers.com. With only a few clicks of the mouse you will not need to worry about how you are going to get to your hotel.

A transfer with a limousine can be booked just like the other types of transfers from v-transfers.com. You can book your transfer for one direction, when you only need the limousine service to or from your hotel. It is also possible to cancel your limousine transfer at anytime for a fee. Changes in flight times can be made up to 48 hours before you are scheduled to depart. The difference to our other transfers is that a limousine transfer can only be booked as a private transfer, with a chauffeur. There is not a more luxurious way to start your holiday in fascinating Dubai. 

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