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From Monastir Airport and Enfidha to Hammamet, Port El Kantaoui, Skanes

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Vacation in Tunisia - relaxation from the start

The name Tunisia alone makes people start to think of holiday in this north African country, whose eastern and northern border are located on the Mediterranean Sea. No wonder that Tunisia is associated with holiday, it offers fertile mountains in the north and the Sahara, salt seas, dunes and oasis in the south.

The evidence of Tunisia's time as a French colony...

... is still strong in the cities, which has led to a very interesting mixture of Arabian and french cultures. Tunisia's popularity as a holiday destination has grown in the past several years especially for German tourists, who enjoy beach holidays on the island of Djerba or desert tours in the interior - Tunisia offers something for everyone. Most tourists arrive in Tunisia by plane. The majority of tourists land at Monastir Airport, the French airport 'Aerport International de Monastir - Habib Bourguiba'. Like most airports, the airport in Monastir lies outside of the city. This means that once you've landed you still need to travel a long distance to your final destination, your Monastir hotel. There are several possibilities to get from the airport to your hotel. Public transportation must first be located and you have to figured out the schedule and there is no guarantee that a bus will stop near your hotel. This could mean that you have to carry your luggage to your hotel or find another method of transportation to your Monastir hotel. A taxi is another possibility, but the costs are usually quite high.

Tunesien offers

Shuttle Transfer Monastir Airport
Price per person and way

to Monastirfrom 4 €
to Korbafrom 8 €
to Hammametfrom 8 €
to Tunisfrom 9 €

Private transfer Monastir Airport
Price for 1-4 passengers per way

to Soussefrom 48 €
to Port El Kantanouifrom 48 €
to Nabeulfrom 77 €
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Shuttle bus or private Monastir transfer?

Shuttle bus or private Monastir transfer?

Many of the organisers of package holidays also offer Monastir transfers. These transfers from the airport do not guarantee a comfortable or direct way to your hotel. Most trip organisers wait until all their scheduled customers have arrived and then drop them off at one hotel after the other. This can take a lot of time and can mean a crowded shuttle bus transfer. For a relaxed holiday from the first moment on, there is an alternative: at, you can find a number of offers for transfers from your arrival airport to your hotel and back, as is the case in Tunisia. With only a few mouse clicks on you can find and book the perfect Monastir transfer to meet your needs. If it is a family transfer, a small group transfer with a shuttle bus, or a private transfer your are looking for - you can benefit from the flexible possibilities of a Monastir Transfer.  You can book your transfer online and pay for it with your credit card, so leave your travel stress at home and rely on our service.

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