Hotel transfer

No one wants to start their vacation, by losing their nerves and precious time; therefore, we recommend that you book a hotel transfer before you leave home. We are a reliable and experienced partner when it comes to bringing vacationers to their hotels. A hotel transfer, ensures that you arrive relaxed and safely at your accommodation.

Depending on the type of transfer that you have chosen, a car, a van, or a shuttle bus will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the airport. Your booked transfer ensures that you will be picked-up at the airport, before you leave on your trip. It doesn't matter from who you have booked the rest of your trip, our transfers can be booked separately, which allows you to remain independent and flexible. For those who have booked their own flight and hotel, can also benefit from a hotel transfer.

Hotel transfer

Choosing you transfer type

Depending on how many people are travelling with you and how important comfort is to you, you can choose from a variety of transfers. One possibility is a private hotel transfer. With this transfer you will be met at the airport by a driver and car who will drive you directly to your hotel. If your travelling with a group of up to nine people you will be met by a van.

There is also the possibility of a shuttle bus transfer to your hotel. If you choose this type of transfer you will be taken with other tourists to your hotel. A shuttle bus transfer is a cheaper alternative to an individual transfer, but it is not as comfortable. You may have to wait in the shuttle bus until all booked passengers have arrived, instead of driving directly to your hotel with a private transfer. The time that it requires to reach your hotel in the shuttle bus depends on the number of people in the bus and how many different hotels the bus has to stop at. offers transfers in 200 destinations around the Mediterranean, in distance countries , and in a number of cities. In order to find the perfect hotel transfer to meet you need go to our homepage and enter the country where you will be spending your vacation, your arrival airport, and the name of your hotel. After these few mouse clicks you will be shown different possible transfers and their prices. When you've chosen your hotel transfer, you only have to enter your personal information, your arrival time and flight number, and your credit card number to complete your booking. Within 24 hours you will receive your confirmation/invoice and your transfer-voucher per Email. Simple, reasonably priced, and uncomplicated. Let us convince you with our transfer service, and you can make expensive taxi rides and rental cars a thing of the past.

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