From the airport to your hotel, easily

It's almost time for your vacation. The best time of the year often begins with a seat sale to a southern destination and a great hotel for the whole family. Great scenery, sunshine, local food specialities, and relaxation. Who thinks about the small details, like the transfer from the airport to your hotel? Not you? You are not alone!

These small transfer trips often get forgotten when putting together a vacation - most people are too busy reminding themselves to put their plane ticket in their carry-on. The problem is that when you arrive at the airport instead of starting to enjoy your vacation immediately, you have to organize a transfer. Even if you have a package deal for your vacation, the shuttle bus is often crowded and stops at several different hotels before it reaches yours, not the most relaxing or most comfortable way to get to your destination. Instead of organizing your own transfer upon arrival or taking the crowded shuttle that was included in your package, you can book yourself another type of transfer from the airport before you leave home. At you can find the perfect shuttle service from the airport to your hotel.

Transfer from the airport

A transfer from the airport, made just for you

In different countries, different types of  transfer from the airport are available. If you arrive in Antayla, Turkey or in Hurghada in Egypt and if you are travelling alone or with your entire family and luggage - has the transfer from the airport to meet your needs. You can choose between an private transfer, a small group transfer, a family transfer or a shuttlebus transfer. Children under 12 years of age, are entitled to a discount in some destinations. A transfer from the airport is a super alternative to public transportation, an overcrowded shuttle bus, an expensive taxi, or a rental car.  Simply give it a try! You have the possibility to only book a oneway transfer from the airport to the hotel, or you can book your return trip at the same time. Should your flight time change, this is not a problem, you can change your flight time up until 48 hours before your originally schedule departure.

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