Let someone else drive you, instead of driving yourself

Arriving at the airports means that you are a lot closer to your destination, but you are not quite there, you still have to get to your hotel. When people are planning their holiday, they often forget that they have to get from the airport to their hotel and this can often turn into a small adventure. Instead of taking an overcrowded bus, that doesn't always take you to your hotel or a very expensive taxi, many holidaymakers.

With a rental car you don't have to wait for a bus or take an expensive taxi. Even though you are somewhat independent with a rental car, there are still things that need to be organized, like find your way through local traffic. To avoid this, v-transfers.com offers an alternative: a transfer instead of a rental car. Instead of sitting at the steering wheel yourself in an unfamiliar area, you can let someone else bring you comfortably to your hotel. If you are going to Portugal, Turkey, or even to Egypt, you can use the services from v-transfers.com, as well as in many other popular vacation destinations. All of our services can be booked online at v-transfers.com - an easy solution that you can pay for with your credit card.

Transfer instead of a rental car

A transfer instead of a rental car - one solution for every situation

Maybe you think that a transfer is not as flexible as a rental car, but this is not true. A transfer allows you to be prepared for any situation that may arise, and is arranged to meet you personal needs. You can use your transfer for only one direction, either to or from the airport, you don't need to book it for both directions. It is also possible to combine different types of transfers.

If you are going to your hotel with a group, but are going back to the airport alone, you can book a different transfer for each way. At v-transfers the customer is the king and we ensure that his/her needs are met. v-transfers.com ensure that our transfer run smoothly and are uncomplicated for you, our customer. With a transfer instead of a rental car we can offer you a relaxing start to your vacation. Reasonably priced, comfortable and free of complications - this is what a transfer means to you. Even if your flight times change because of the weather, volcano ash, or for any other reason, v-transfers is a flexible and reliable partner. In the customer-login area of our website, you can find all the important information and can change your flight times up to 48 hours before your schedule arrival. The decision for a transfer instead of an expensive rental car, is worth it.

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