Reasonable group rates to your hotel

For all of those who want to travel as a group to their hotel, but are not sure how to, v-transfers offers a group transfer as the perfect solution. v-transfers offers a search engine for the perfect transfer to or from the airport. We offer transfers in more than 35 countries with some of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world, which can be found on

The island paradises of Dominican Republic and Mauritius belong to our portfolio as do classic destinations like Spain and Italy. Especially when you've chosen an exotic destination for your vacation, where you don't speak the language and don‘t know the culture, a group transfer can be the perfect solution. The transfers from v-transfers are completely independent, regardless of where you have booked the rest of your trip, you can still book a transfer at With our group transfers you maintain your independence and get to you destination in a fast and efficient way.

Group transfer

Group transfer with a shuttle bus or a van

Another benefit of v-transfers is that you can decide which type of transfer best meets your needs. It is not always easy to spontaneously find a ride to your hotel with such a large group. If you require a group transfer, you can choose on if you would like a private transfer, which is possible to a certain number of passengers, or a shuttle bus transfer. With the first choice you have a driver and van exclusively for your group, you don't have to wait for anyone else and you will be driven directly to your hotel.

Affordable and reliable

The second option, a shuttle bus transfer, means that you and your group will be taken along with other guests to your respective hotels. A shuttle bus may mean that you have to wait with the driver until all passengers have arrived and taken to their hotels, but a shuttle bus is cheaper than a van and on the shuttle bus you have the possibility to meet other tourists. For example, if you book a transfer from the airport in Hurghada to Port Safaga, you will pay 100 Euro for the return trip for six people. A taxi for four people will cost you 50 Euros for a one-way trip, with v-transfers you will have more money left for other things.

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