''To my hotel and back, please!''

Once you've arrived at the airport things tend to be a little hectic - soon your luggage is rolling on the luggage transporter or maybe you have to wait a while -and those are only a few of the things that may happen when you arrive at the airport. It doesn't matter if you've arrived at the airport looking forward to your vacation or for a business trip, most people want to get out of the airport as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Everyone who has flown knows that without proper planning, that this part of the trip can easily become chaotic. Many travellers decide to take a taxi, so that they can leave the airport quickly and get to their hotel. Choosing a taxi instead of all other public transportation, doesn't mean that you will necessarily have a comfortable ride. First of all you need to find a taxi stand, then you need to find an available taxi which usually costs more than you expected. If there is no taximeter or flat-rate, you have to trust the driver to charge you a fair price. If you are travelling with your family or another group you may have difficulty finding a taxi where you all fit in and you may require a second taxi, which makes it even more expensive. In order to avoid all of these possible stress factors, v-transfers.com offers a transfer service that you can book before you leave home. A transfer instead of a taxi, is offered by v-transfers in a number of destinations. Our transfer instead of taxi service is available in many popular vacation countries like Spain, Portugal, fascinating north African countries like Egypt, and in Turkey.

Transfer instead of a taxi

A transfer instead of a taxi is for anyone

Another advantage of the services offered by v-transfers.com is that our transfers can be made to meet your individual needs. If your travelling with a small group, a large family, or alone - there is a transfer for you. And even if you choose another way on your return trip to the airport, it is not a problem. Of course you have the possibility to take a transfer in only one direct. Reliable and uncomplicated, these two features are enough to make a transfer instead of a taxi worth it. What makes our offer even better is the price, because the price of a transfer is more reasonable than that of a taxi.

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