A piece of luxury with an individual transfer

Holiday is a time for relaxation. This is surely the motto of every person who is looking forward to their holiday. Stress and hectic are something that you have everyday in the office, you don't need them when your on vacation. Alone the overcrowd bus or train ride to work is a stress factor, that we have to deal with everyday.

When the possibility exists to avoid this stress during your vacation, you should take advantage of it. An individual transfer, also known as private transfers, from v-transfers can make this possibility, a reality. All you need to do, is enter your flight date, your expected time of arrival on our website and that is almost everything. An individual transfer offers many advantages for holidaymakers. Most importantly you save the time you would have spent waiting in line for a shuttle bus, because with your individual transfer you don‘t have to wait for anyone but you and your ride doesn‘t stop at other hotels. An individual transfer could be considered a luxury because you don't have to ride with strangers in your car or van. Such a luxury is especially worthwhile if a pair is on their honeymoon or simply doesn't want to be disturbed.

Individual transfer

So many advantages for a reasonable price

An individual transfer makes it possible for you to save time and enjoy the privacy with your family, friends, or partner during the ride to your hotel, and it will also cost you less than a taxi ride. You will be given the price of your individual transfer when you book your transfer in the internet. The price of the transfer will leave you with more money in your holiday budget than you'd expect. There is not a better, faster, or more comfortable way to get from the airport to your hotel. It is comfortable because you don't have to worry about anything upon your arrival at the airport, leave that to our local representative who will be there to pick you up. Fast, because you don't have to wait for other people to be dropped off at their accommodations and simple, because you can book online with a few mouse clicks or in your travel agency. You can book an individual transfer regardless of your travel company or other service that you have booked. Even if you have already booked the rest of your vacation, you can still book an individual transfer without a problem up to three days before you need the transfer.

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