An easy way to an enjoyable holiday

You've booked your tickets for what should be the best week of the year - and your all-in-one package deal should bring you relaxation. Not having to worry about anything, simply getting into the plane and enjoying the relaxation - this is what most holidaymakers are looking for year after year. In order to relax and enjoy your holiday, there a few small details that you should think about before you fly.

Most people think about things like immunizations, if they need a visa, that they pack enough sunscreen and of course a travel guide for their chosen destination. There is one thing that many people tend to forget: this is how they are going to get from the airport to their hotel and back. Most of the companies that offer package holidays, promise a transfer to the hotel in their brochure that doesn't mean additional costs. You should consider this option carefully: these shuttle bus transfers never drive exclusively to one hotel, they usually stop at all the hotels that the travel company offers in the area. This means that you could be driving around for quite a while and the shuttle could be overcrowded. Some holidays don't even offer a transfer. If this is the case it is up to you to find yourself a transfer to your hotel. Once you've arrived at the airport you can usually choose between public transportation and a taxi. The first option is often crowded and doesn't necessarily stop close to your hotel. A taxi can be a problem because of the price. The rates from the airport to a hotel, tend to be more expensive than a normal taxi ride.

Transfers for package holidays

Transfer for package holidays, a convincing alternative

If you are looking for a reliable and easy way to get from the airport to your hotel, you will find the perfect solution at Here you can find the right transfers for your package holiday . If you are vacationing in Turkey, Egypt, or Portugal -you have the possibility to enjoy a transfer for your package holiday and in many popular destinations as well. You can book comfortably online and pay for the transfer with your credit card. If something should come up, you can cancel your transfer at any time for a fee. You can also change your flight or arrival time up until 48 hours before your scheduled departure . The exact type of transfer that you choose to go along with your package holiday is up to you. You can choose an private transfer / individual transfer, a family transfer or a transfer for a small group. A personalized transfer is a great addition for those who have booked a package holiday, but want to have a more comfortable transfer.

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